Niagahoster Review, the Best Hosting for WordPress

This time I will give you niagahoster review and discuss tips on choosing the best wordpress hosting in 2020. This article is inspired by questions about hosting in the Indonesian WordPress Group or the Indonesian WordPress Developer Group.

Oh yes, join there if you want to ask questions or learn about WordPress. One of the reasons why I moved domains was because I got new insights from the group members there too.

Back to the topic of choosing a hosting for wordpress. Apart from tips, this article is also a review of why I use Niagahoster as the top hosting.

Some important points why I choose niagahoster are:

  1. Support
  2. Speed
  3. Features

And in my experience, Niagahoster excels in all three of these.

Tips for Choosing Hosting for WordPress

First, we start from tips on choosing hosting for wordpress. Because there are so many drowning wordpress communities, there are so many hosting providers that sell special hosting products for wordpress.

Actually, it is more of a marketing technique, because from a technical point of view, it is almost the same as shared hosting and also because so many are looking for hosting for wordpress.

As I have mentioned above, some points that must be considered in buying hosting for both wordpress and other hosting are (1) support, (2) speed, (3) features.

Support from WordPress Hosting Providers

Many people use WordPress because of its love for creating websites. With the community and various features in the WordPress theme and plugins, creating a website today is very easy without having to understand coding.

Now the first tips in choosing the hosting for wordpress is that you must look at the support provided by the hosting provider for your problems.

Here, supporting Niagahoster is really good, because in addition to hosting problems, they will also help solve problems about WordPress as a whole. They have documentation, tutorials, and tips about WordPress on the Niagahoster Blog.

In addition, support them on standby 24/7. If your website is a lot of traffic and you need a solution to your website hosting problem, just live chat support and will be replied to in 5 minutes. The support does not use a ticket system which can take more than a day to solve your problem.

WordPress Hosting Speed

WordPres speed is sometimes a terrible scourge for the WordPress community. Maybe a little hyperbole, but a lot of trying to make their wordpress green on PageSpeed, GT Metrix, and Web Vital.

And one of the important factors in order to get green is to use wordpress hosting which is capable of speed. Although in fact this speed issue is better based on the needs of your website. Do not let you buy hosting that is overkilled and overpriced from your website.

For beginner / starter WordPress hosting, Niagahoser’s speed is very capable and the best of other hosting in Indonesia. You can read about speed tests and reviews of various Indonesian hosting providers here.

If you are just starting a website, always start with the medium package. In Niagahoster you can buy their Student package. And start building your website traffic from there. If you feel that you are not able to support a lot of traffic from your website visitors, then you can upgrade to a more powerful package.

What is most often seen is the question of whether package A, package B, hosting xxx can hold the number of xxxx visitors? It’s not wrong, when I first entered the wordpress world, I also asked how much visitor capacity the hosting provider could hold.

As an illustration, some of my websites on the Personal Niagahoster shared hosting package are able to support +1000 visitors per day, 100-200 visitors at a time. And the website is still relaxed at rank 1 Google for some local & international keywords.