How to Get to the Prestige Smart City From Sarjapur?

Prestige Smart City is one of several upcoming Smart Cities across the country. In a nutshell, the name itself is enough to define the status of the town as a smart urban community. The Smart City Mission aims to create the lives of residents better by offering better public services, enhanced mobility and improved safety, and through the installation of systems that are digitally intelligent.

The Prestige Smart City project has major areas of focus. The residential development here is spread over several cities and is comprised of around 400 individually owned plots in total. These plots are designed in such a way that they can be bought by property developers, who will then develop these properties, according to the demand and needs of the local people. There are several projects under this category of residential development, including estate development, housing projects, commercial projects, and even villages and planned communities. In the case of the former, developers can develop the land on their own and then lease or sell them off to meet the demand of the market.

The concept of Prestige Smart City was initiated with the establishment of a new town, called Panti, in Sarjapur. This town was established as an innovative solution to provide good connectivity between the North Bengaluru and the Western Bengaluru cities. It was found that there were major problems of connectivity, and people had to travel long distances to access these cities. The new town, Sarjapur, was developed in such a way that it could provide good connectivity to the important places nearby. One major benefit of this residential project is that people do not have to travel long distances to find the good quality apartments here.

Prestige Smart City concept was first started in order to provide all the basic amenities and services to the residents of this city. At present, there are over 5000 apartments with well maintained gardens and lawns located all around Prestige Smart City Sarjapur. These apartments have all the modern facilities and interiors, along with the best quality of accommodation and lifestyle. You can choose among different types of apartments such as luxurious villas, flat with big swimming pools, and studio apartments. The apartments have all the modern facilities including air conditioners, double garage, internet connectivity, safety measures, and many more.

The residents of Prestige Smart City can take a ride across this unique town using the famous east Bangalore expressway. The east Bangalore expressway connects the residential areas of Prestige Smart City Sarjapur to the rest of the state of Karnataka. The fastest and safest mode of transport available here is the speed bike on-car option. The speed bike at times becomes a favorite amongst the young elite residing in these elite residential townships.

From Prestige Smart City Sarjapur, you can get in touch with the world at your doorstep via the international airport. There are various airline flights operating from here for the tourists and travelers. The journey to the main city of Bangalore from here takes about an hour. However, the fastest way to reach the top destinations like M.G. Road, Cubbon Park, Commercial Street, Indira Nagar, and Commercial Street, Bangalore are by means of public transports such as buses and rickshaws.